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How much do we know about walnuts and its nutritional value? Let's see...

Walnuts are the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, when compared to other nuts. Walnuts are also a best plant sources of protein.

Benefits of eating walnuts:

* It lowers the LDL Cholestrol(Bad Cholestrol) and increases the Good Cholestrol
reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases and heart attacks.

* The fibre content of walnut helps to get rid of constipation problems too.

* Walnuts contains more polyunsaturated fats which help in reducing the fasting insulin levels for type 2 diabetic patients.

Walnuts which taste bitter should not be eaten for
a few reasons:

1. They will taste bitter when they are not fresh
2. It also indicates oxidation has occured . If you smell an odour like paint, that means walnut is oxidised or rancid(smell or taste due to decomposition or chemical change)


Store shelled walnuts in air tight containers in refridgerator (upto 6 months) or in freezer for 1 year.

How to cultivate the habbit of eating walnut :

Easiest way of adding walnuts to your diet which i do are:
1. Add chopped walnuts to the cereal
2. Add chopped walnut to the cake mix or muffin mix, before baking

3. Eat it as a snack, thus avoiding junk food

How much walnuts can we / should we eat per day?
5 walnuts per day
a quarter cup provides 90.8 % of the daily value for essential fats

Bonus recipe:)

1 cup - cauliflower washed and steamed
5 to 6 - whole walnut (broken into pieces)

1 tsp - olive oil

salt and pepper - to taste

1tbsp - split roastedgram powder

Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl and, it is ready to eat. This is very healthy and also delicious for kids and elders as well.

Think Healthy and Live Healthy!


  1. Thank you Vidhya for sharing such a useful information with us. Keep going. We need discussions like this.

  2. hi madam,
    thanks for the valuable information
    after reading this, when i opened my walnut container, it smelled like paint. Immediately i threw it into the trash can.


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